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Digestive Support

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  • Compensation for maldigestion
  • Reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders
  • Chronic Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency


  • Nutritional restoration, convalescence.

Available formats

  • 1.5 kg
  • 12 kg
  • 3 kg
  • 7 kg


  • Protein 34
  • Fat 22
  • Ash 6.5
  • Crude Fibre 6
  • Total Dietary Fibre 11
  • Starch 17
  • Calcium 0.9
  • Phosphorus 0.8
  • Sodium 0.6
  • Potassium 0.8
  • Omega-6 fatty acids 2.7
  • Omega-3 fatty acids 0.9
  • EPA+DHA 0.4
  • Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) (mg/kg) 0.104



  • Metabolisable energy (kcal/100g) 385
  • Measured metabolisable energy (kcal/100g) 411
  • Protein digestibility (in vivo; %) 85
  • Fat digestibility (in vivo; %) 97
  • Energy from protein (%) 31
  • Energy from fat (%) 49
  • Energy from NFE (%) 20
  • Protein to Calorie ratio (g/Mcal) 88


Pork and poultry dehydrated protein*, rice*, animal
fat, lignocellulose, pork and poultry hydrolysed protein,
potato starch, mineral salts, beet pulp, fish oil*, psyllium
fibre, fructo-oligosaccharides, yeast nucleotides, yeast
beta glucan, butyrate salts, pasteurised Lactobacillus

* highly digestible ingredients


  • Sepiolite 0.5%
  • Lactobacillus 7 mg/kg
  • Butyrate 300 mg/kg
  • Nucleotides 560 mg/kg
  • Beta Glucan 500 mg/kg


  • Compensation for maldigestion
  • Reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders
  • Chronic Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency


  • Nutritional restoration, convalescence.


  • Gastritis / Enteritis / Colitis.
  • Megacolon.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Recovery after digestive surgery.
  • Recovery after disease.
  • Recovery after anorexia period.


  • Chronic Kideney Disease (CDK).
  • Cardiac insufficiency.

Dog_GASTRO 1-Feeding Guidelines.png


Promotes Nutritional Restoration*

High levels of essential nutrients and energy density help compensate for losses and allow body composition restoration.

Low allergen formulation

The diet is made without beef, gluten, maize, wheat, soya, egg, fish, dairy products.

The number of different protein sources is limited (3: pork, poultry and rice) to minimise antigenic load and adverse digestive reactions.

High Energy & Concentration*

High energy density reduces the size of the daily ration and limits the workload of the digestive tract. This formula is made with high parts of energy from fat and protein, two sources that can be easily metabolised and known to be beneficial during the acute phase of recovery. High concentration in all the essential nutrients allows to cover the high needs in small rations.

Low Starch (17% as fed)

Low level of starch helps limit the workload of the digestive tract and increase digestibility and digestive tolerance.

DIGEST Plus Complex

Addition of specific ingredients (clay, probiotics, prebiotics, selected fibres, butyrate, nucleotides) helps to quickly secure the digestive function, improve the digestive tolerance and produce normal faeces.


Dog_GASTRO 1-Efficacy Proven.png


Increases Water Intake

High amounts of protein and sodium stimulate water intake to help compensate for hydroelectrolytic losses.

Supports Digestive Barrier Effect

Addition of selected ingredients (beta glucan, byturate, nucleotides) contribute to restore an efficient body's defense at the digestive level and limit the risk of recurrences in the long term (efficacy proven by Virbac)(1)

Enhances Immunity

High protein content with balanced amino acid profile, and vitamin E help reinforce the immune system and helps the recovery.

High Palatability

Richness in animal protein and fat guarantees high palatability for optimal compliance (efficacy proven by Virbac)(1)

Suitable for Adult and Senior dogs

The amounts of all essential nutrients fit the daily requirement of adult and senior dogs.




  • Restauration of digestive tract
  • Support digestive barrier effect (Digest plus complex)
  • High nutrient digestibility
  • High palatability (Richness in animal protein and fat)


  • Highenegery & nutriten concentration
  • Lean mass preservation (HP)
  • Fat mass limitation (LC)
  • Low allergen formulation
  • Skin & coat support
  • Immune support
  • Urinary health
  • Healthy renal function
  • Low glycemic index

Low allergen formulation:

  • The diet is made without beef, gluten, maize, wheat, soya, egg, dairy products.

Skin & Coat Support:

  • The high protein content (34%), especially of animal origin (92%), the richness in sulphur containing amino acids (1%), and the high and balanced omega-6 (2.7%) and omega-3 (0.9%) fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and shiny coat.

Immune Support:

  • The high protein content (34%), the balanced amino acid profile, and vitamin E (570 mg/kg) help support the immune system during the recovery period. Added beta glucan and nucleotides also contribute to support the immune system.

Healthy renal function:

  • The high content of protein (34%), of high quality (protein digestibility 85%), contributes to increased water turn over.

Urinary health:

  • The high level of protein (34%), mainly of animal source (92%) stimulates water intake, increases the urine volume and helps stabilise the urinary pH.

Low Glycemic Index:

  • The HP-LC formulation (protein 34%, carbohydrate 22.5%) and the low amount of starch (17%) and total sugars (0.9%) help help limit the impact of the meal on post prandial blood glucose concentration.

Underweight Management

  • High energy & nutrient concentration: The high energy density (385 kcal/100g, measured: 411 kcal/100g) thanks to high fat level (22%), and the high essential nutrient contents and digestibility allow to propose small concentrated daily rations and help recover optimal body weight.
  • High palatability: The choice of ingredients, mainly of animal origin, favours food intake. 

Helps secure the digestive functions:

Digestion system (digestibility):

  • The high digestibility of nutrients (protein: 85%, fat: 97%) limit the workload of the digestive tract.
  • The low amount of starch (17%) takes into account the poor ability to digest carbohydrate.
  • Added butyrate (300 mg/kg) improves the digestive abilities.

Absorption system (mucosa):

  • Helps modulate inflammation thanks to high omega-3 (0.9%), especially EPA+DHA (0.4%).
  • Protective film on the mucosa by adding sepiolite (0.5%)
  • Stimulation of mucosa renewal thanks to added butyrate and nucleotides

Fermentation system (flora):

  • Probiotics (pasteurised Lactobacilli)
  • Prebiotics (FOS)
  • Added butyrate and nucleotides
  • This association (Digest Plus Complex) helps balance the microbial flora.

Regulation of transit and improvement of faeces quality:

  • Lignocellulose reduces the moisture of the faeces
  • Psyllium fibre helps normalise the consistency of the faeces
  • The balanced insoluble: soluble fibres ratio (= 4) helps regulate the gut transit and the size of the faeces.

Compensation for losses:

  • Compensates loss of protein: The high dietary protein content (34%), of high quality (digestibility 85%) helps compensate for the digestive protein losses in case of diarrhea or maldigestion/malabsorption syndrome.

Helps compensate loss of water and minerals (hydroelectrolytic balance):

  • Increases water intake: The high dietary protein (34%) and sodium (0.6%) amounts stimulate water consumption and help compensate the losses due to diarrhoea.
  • High dietary potassium (0.8%) also helps compensate for the digestives losses.

Supports digestive barrier effect:

  • Added beta glucan, butyrate and nucleotides (Digest Plus Complex) help restore efficient body's defence at the digestive level and limit the risk of digestive disorders recurrences in the long term.
  • Lean mass preservation: The high protein content (34%) helps maintain lean mass.
  • Fat mass limitation: The low carbohydrate content (22.5%) helps limit the development of fatty tissue.

* Commission Directive 2008/38/EC

  1. Leriche I., Fournel S., Chaix G., Gely MO. Assessment of a new high protein – low carbohydrate diet in dogs with chronic gastrointestinal disorders. ESVCN Congress, Berlin, Germany, 15-17 Sept 2016.