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Osteoarthritis is a common painful degenerative and inflammatory disorder (20 % of the canine population over 1 year old) affecting joint synovium, cartilage and underlying bone1,2

It is essentially secondary to congenital or acquired musculoskeletal disorders such as joint dysplasia, osteochondrosis dissecans and patellar luxation or after trauma and surgery2.

Risk factors: age, large- and giant-breeds, castrated male, weight, distraction index 3, 4

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Osteoarthritis cannot be cured but long-term management is possible.2,7

Based on :

  • clinical examination and history of chronic pain, lameness, functional disability and reduced quality of life²
  • evaluation of pain with validated scales and muscle palpation 5, 6, 7
  • evaluation of locomotion (range of motion, lameness, etc.)6, 8
  • radiography (differential diagnosis) 6, 7

Regular assessments to evaluate evolution and adapt treatment5.

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